The Fell-Ted Chronicles

Old Martha's Surprise

Introducing The Fell-Ted Chronicles

Old Martha is at a loss. She doesn’t know what to do with her time, but a chance find while out walking one day sets her off on a new venture – with surprising results!

ISBN 978-0-9562451-0-6

Kirk and the Fallow Field

The Fell-Ted Chronicles - One

Kirk is the first of the Fell-Teds to leave Old Martha’s house to embark on his adventures in the big outside world. Where will he go? What will he do? It’s not long before he finds out...

ISBN 978-0-9562451-1-3

Henry's Special Valley

The Fell-Ted Chronicles - Two

Following his brother Kirk’s example Henry sets off into the big outside world. Some good advice and an unexpected viewpoint get him thinking...

ISBN 978-0-9562451-2-0

Kirk and the Big Idea

The Fell-Ted Chronicles - Three

Kirk Fell-Ted is an enterprising little bear. We've already heard the story about Kirk's first adventure. Now read about his new BIG idea; what he does next and how he overcomes the problems he encounters along the way...

ISBN 978-0-9562451-3-7

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